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  • Exact name to be used in your logo design
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  • Your business information provides a base for our designers to start your design from. Try to enter short precise information about your business.
  • Your target market information helps us give a generic theme to your logo
  • If you have any design ideas for your logo design, you can express it here. Our design team will try to use your design ideas to give you the logo that's in your mind.
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    24 Hours Express Delivery Only at $27

    • Massively speeds up you getting your final logos!Usually saves about 10 days
    • Receive your logo order guaranteed within 24 hours, instead of 3 days
    • All revision given within 24 hours also
    • This includes your complete order if you have ordered any stationary & designs(business cards, letter heads etc)
    • The quality is not affected, we simply prioritize your order!
    • Recommended for the ambitious business person who
    • 100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee. If you dont like your designs at anytime in the future, simply ask for a refund and get the logo design fees and the 24 hour express fee refunded in full. No questions. Totally risk free!
  • Black and White Logo Only at $20

    • Indeed necesary for any print and fax requirement you make.
    • You will be provided with a black and white version logo with final color logo,so that you have all the files you need.
    • For the help with future print requirement,for those determined business person who wished to own all color file.
    • This completes your order, including any stationery and designs (business cards, letter heads etc.) if you have ordered.